The Linux Stimulus Package

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Is there a stimulus package on the way for those who use Linux and Open Source Software? You bet there is but it might not come from where you'd expect. Too many wasted stimulus dollars have already rained down upon those who wasted their own money but this time it'll be different. Sure, it will. I hear you. But this time it will be different.

Let's say for a moment that Vivek Kundra, the new Federal CIO and Open Source Software proponent, manages to shake this whole FBI investigation and bribery scandal that is taking place in his former office while he's on a leave of absence from his post and actually gets to serve this administration. What can we expect from him?

I expect to see corporate tax breaks for those who:

1. Implement Green Technology.
2. Use Open Source Software.
3. Give Something Back to the Open Source Community.
4. Continue to Innovate.
5. Create New Jobs.

I am also hopeful that Kundra will, with Obama's guidance, ensure that stimulus money goes toward creating new jobs in America. I believe that stronger than any tax breaks or stimulus dollars being thrown at greedy C-Level executives are jobs. Jobs create disposable (surplus) income which means that people buy things and stimulate the economy.

What doesn't stimulate the economy?

1. Offshore Outsourcing.
2. Giving More Money to Those Who've Wasted it Already.
3. Providing Tax Breaks to Those Who Aren't Paying Taxes.
4. Rewarding Greed.

I think that we all had high hopes for the new administration, the promise of change, the goal of corporate accountability, and the creation of new jobs. I'm watching to see the final outcome of this latest scandal and will keep an eye on whomever takes the office if Kundra has to concede.

Linux can't stimulate the economy on its own. It can help. I think this economy will stimulate the adoption of Linux and Open Source technologies in record numbers. And, regardless of who's in office, Linux will always be there to serve and saving you money.

Write back and let me know how you think that Linux and Open Source can or will be used to stimulate the economy.

Rashakil Fol 978 Super Senior Demiposter Team Colleague

1. Offshore Outsourcing.

Racist. Antiquated retard.

khess 95 Practically a Master Poster

Your perennially negative opinion notwithstanding, offshoring is bad for our economy. It has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with corporate greed taking its toll on us with no visible return.

WolfPack 491 Posting Virtuoso Team Colleague

Um, I am a bit lost in this.

1. Offshore Outsourcing.
2. Giving More Money to Those Who've Wasted it Already.
3. Providing Tax Breaks to Those Who Aren't Paying Taxes.
4. Rewarding Greed.

How come only the open source industry do not fall suspect under the above conditions? You aren't suggesting that companies who create proprietary software have been wasting money, haven't been paying taxes, and are greedy? Are you? They may be outsourcing, but even the open source industry have developers from all over the world, so any "jobs" created by the open source industry will end up going abroad right? Or are you suggesting that the Open Source Industry pay only volunteers in the USA, but not the volunteers in Japan, India, China...?

Of course, companies will save money using open source software, but I don't see how saving money will create jobs, or encourage entrepreneurship. Saving money will not stimulate the economy, all companies around the world are trying to save money by shutting down generators, air conditioners, cutting off overtime etc. But still we don't see us getting out of this mess. Only spending will stimulate the economy. By spending I don't mean wasting money, but investing. By all means invest in the open source industry too, but there are people who hold jobs in the "evil corporations", and the open source industry can't create jobs for all of them. Profit isn't actually greed you know.

khess 95 Practically a Master Poster

I'm suggesting that we have to do things differently to stimulate the economy. Tax and spend works temporarily. Putting people to work is a long-term fix. Linux and OSS can help companies save money, encourage innovation, and create new jobs.
All companies are prone to waste and corruption but it seems less apparent with OSS ones, doesn't it? Have you heard of anyone giving themselves a 20 million dollar bonus at the Linux Foundation? Have you read about Linus Torvalds taking stimulus money and buying a beachfront condo with it?
OSS companies are not immune to scandal and corruption but it just seems like there's too many regular corporations involved in corrupt behavior. I agree, profit isn't greed. Sacrificing your workforce for that profit is.

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