Does PyObjC ( run on Linux? It says it does, but when I try to run , I get the following error:

alex@alex-laptop:~/Desktop/pyobjc-1.3.7$ python 
** using pyobjc source-deps py2app for building
You're not running on MacOS X, and don't use GNUstep
I don't know how to build PyObjC on such a platform.
Please read the ReadMe.

ObjC runtime not found

I mean, I realize it's supposed to run on OS X mainly, but it blatantly says that it runs on BSD, POSIX, Mac OS X, and Linux/UNIX operating systems.

Is it possible to get this to compile? I downloaded the file pyobjc-1.3.7.tar.gz , not the Mac OS X package.

If this doesn't work on Linux, what is there (freely available) that does the same thing -- bridges Python applications to Mac OS Objective-C?

This is for iPhone development. And I don't know Objective-C, so the new SDK doesn't help me (seeing as I am also not running Mac OS X to use it on).

EDIT: In case you don't want to download the package, looks like this:
(Nevermind, a 729 line script doesn't make the page look good)

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Because the application was written using NeXTStep bindings, it requires some sort of implementation of these to run, regardless of the operating system it's running on. NeXT was acquired by Apple a number of years ago, which is why the program asks for Mac OS X.

You can get a free implementation of NeXTStep by installing GNUstep. Once that's installed, the setup utility will be able to find the correct bindings and install the software.

Thank you.

However, I installed GNUstep from Synaptics after reading your post, and it still gives me the same error. What am I doing wrong?

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