Hi guys,

I am having a problem with my mail server configuration. I am hosting 2 mail domains (one for a game I play, the other for my business). I had set up the game domain first. It works beautifully, receiving mail from both domains just fine. I can access everything from my workstation on the LAN. The strangeness comes when I try to get my IMAP mail from any other comuter on the internet. I can access the mail server just fine using the game.domain.net but if I try to connect to it using mail.business-domain.com, I get a connection refused message. Both domain names point to the exact same IP address! I reconfigured postfix to use the business-domain.com address when I first started that domain.

I am sure where the problem could be. It's not a firewall problem, cause I can connect just fine coming into the same IP with a different domain. Anyone have an idea what I am looking for to fix here?


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