How I change the pass word of my computer?


I made this your own thread because it is a different subject than the thread you attached the message to.

What kind of computer is it? What is it running? Do you have super user privs on it, or is this for your own account?



then click on "Change passwd"
type old passwd and then type new twice
click okay

in a term/cmdtool/console or dtterm..
%passwd (or yppasswd)
type old passwd
type new
confirm new

mac osx
same as above but if you need to change root
youll need the boot disk to do it.
don't install anything but work through the options
untill you get the option to reset the administrator password..



This is off-topic, but you can boot the Mac OS X into a single user mode, and change the root password that way using the unix commands.


again offtopic.. but for anyone whose is reading this to recover lost password

Recover root passwd

1. Boot the system from 'CD #1' of Redhat Linux.

2. At the prompt enter "linux rescue". Several dialog box will appear. Press "ok" on those boxes.

3. At the end you will get a shell prompt. In the shell prompt enter "chroot /mnt/sysimage" and next enter "passwd".
This will ask for your new password. Enter new password.

4. Exit from the shell by entering "exit".

5. Eject your 'CD #1' now. Now booting starts from hard drive.

Peeyush Maurya