I am using Windows 2000 Professional OS,I have forgotten the Password Of Administrator I am working in restricted User.

How can i get that Password.

If this is Secrect.

Pls mail to bk_raavi@Yahoo.co.in

Thanking U

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Nice :)
I will forward this page to my father, he has issued at least once a year LOL

is there one for xp?

I have windows xp and i just changed my computer the other day to set up pass words for my children. Now, I can't even get in!! I'm the one with admin rights, too. I tried accessing the system from DOS, (I appear to get into regedit ok), FIND, etc but it wont let me make changes since I'm not an admin. There was something I clicked on when I was changing the user info - something asked me about extra security or something pass word to get in and I remember being baffled and not sure what it was asking me. I wonder if I accidentally clicked something as YES that I shouldnt have. Needless, my typical pass word should not have changed. I'm wondering if the file might be corrupt. However, I have a medion computer, and I'm not sure how to use the recovery disk since the cd's are not labled well. I don't want to overwrite my personal files (registry, programs, who cares - just not my work). Will reinstalling the XP windows only reinstall system files? Will my work be safe (word files, geneaology etc)? How do I go about doing this? Thanks.

just boot in safe moe and craete a new user account with all rights

just BOOT IN SAFE MODE and create a new user with admin rights

That didnt work - but i was able to put the stuff from admin into another users folders but for some reason it wont let me access it in my own acct. I can read it, But i can't save it and print it. I've reset passwords deleted them gone into safe mode - still says access denied when i tried to copy all my files to disk - really odd and when i log into regular windows mode my file and admin are not int the log in area, why is this?

Aren't there commands like in xcopy or chmd that will strip away hidden access privileges? This is for XP only

Look, this is why I change my keyboard characters, so some average joe can't come along and gain a admin account .

Look, this is why I change my keyboard characters, so some average joe can't come along and gain a admin account .

Because they aren't as intelligent as us idiots who mess up our computers lmao:lol:

do this, when your computer is booting up and loading press f8 a bunch of times and go into safe mode when you get to the login screen click the administrator icon and you can login and change the pass like that

I discovered that the reason I couldnt get in was because I use numerals. I had to hit the Num lock keys in order to type in my pass. For some reason in the past, I never had that problem. But, it was by accident that I discovered that when id did not press num lock key, my typing would bounce off my login icon and go to someone elses. Pressing num lock resolved my issue.

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