I am having issues with my SMB server. This is strange and I can find little to no info on this issue. The shares have full rights but when a user accesses a file the user has full rights and everyone else only has read rights. Any ideas????



What are you using to configure samba? SWAT? Webmin? Did this just start happening, or has it been around for a while now?

Might also be useful to post your samba.conf file. Check it first to make sure there are no passwords in it.


I actually I worked this out yesterday after a nice long day of cussing it out. It ended up being the way Excell handles the last accessed time. Basically anyone with office 2002 or 2003 would get an error saying it may have been opened and modified since it was opened, M$ didn't like the way samba handled the date. I ended up working with oplock because M$ had a registry hack that didn't work.

here is the extra line I added to my smb.comf

veto oplock files = /*.xls/

commented: Your posts have turned out to be SUPER informative, even though you were the one asking for help! +3


Thanks for the note! Appreciate the followup.