Hi Guys...
i'm sure the topic has given you a braod hint and if u've still been brave enough to open this just help me out... i have a dual boot system, windows XP and Ubuntu 7.1. i need to change this setup to a virtual machine setup, host xp - guest ubuntu. incase you want to know y, just read on or else you can skip this part :) ... basically i'm not able to access wireless network on my ubuntu system, i'm going to do some development on ubuntu ... secondly virtual desktop sounds so cool(main reason) ... and then obviously it'll b gr8 coz' i'll have the powers of both the OS's at one time( and some weaknesses of XP too, but i'll bear those)....
Now what i really need to know is that should i uninstall ubuntu and then go ahead with virtualization or can i use the existing setup? which one of the ways would be easier and less error prone??

any suggestions are welcome...

Well, I suggest just reinstalling it on the VM, but you can make an image of your current Ubuntu install (using Norton Ghost or whatever). I'm not too saavy on this part of computing, so wait until someone else comes along, or Google this subject up.


What is dual Boot? Can I know about it?

You should post your own topic about this. However, dual booting is when you put more than one operating system on one hard drive, in partitions, which are basically fractions of your hard drive that are treated as individual drives.

You can also use master and slave hard drives to dual boot operating systems.

You could try using the latest version of Ubuntu it's 8.04. It comes with wireless support which surprised me. One of the reasons I haven't used linux for a long time. I dual boot it with XP off my old Acer laptop.
Never been much into virtualisation ;-)