ok, i recently switched from vista to linux, ubuntu, and i dont know how to install it...

when i go to partition my hard drive, i partition it, than when i click forward, i get this error message..."no root file system is defined...please correct this from the paritioning menu"

now im guessing i didnt use the right partition? but which one? there are like 5-10 of them, plus a mount points, that i dont understand...

please help, i just need to install it, using it, i already catched on from the boot CD, so i know how to use it, a little...


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Though many, including myself, prefer to use multiple partitions, for a new-comer like yourself, only using 1 partition would be advisable. Since you stated that you were switching from Vista to Linux, Can I assume that you in fact, do not want Vista on your harddrive? If this is the case, your best bet would be to select the largest partition, make it bootable, and set the mount point to '/'

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Okay, I don't know if you're trying to install Linux alongside Windows (so you can dual-boot), or whether you've completely erased Windows and are trying to create a purely Linux-based system.

In any case, I'd recommend the following setup for your Linux partitions:

  • A swap partition that will be used as temporary space. It should be anywhere between 512 megabytes and 2 gigabytes, more if you're low on RAM. Set the type[1] of this partition to swap .
  • A root partition that holds your Linux installation and all your data. It should take up the remaining disk space. Set the type of this partition to ext3 , and set the mount point to / .

[1] I think it's called type, if I remember correctly. It might also be called "use as" or "filesystem". Adjust accordingly.

You should then be allowed to continue through the installer. Eventually these new partitions will be created and formatted.

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yes im completely deleted vista, its not even starting up and its pissing me off...although it works good on my dads laptop and worked good on my desktop for the past year and a few months...

thanks guys, ill give it a try now............................................be right back.......................................

WOW, im back, and i did it and it works, lol, how simple...i did use [TEX]/[/TEX] but dont know what format...anyway it works, thanks guys...

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