I am installing Debian on a net install and it detects the network card fine but when it comes up to downloading packages it fails :(

Any Ideas?


how do you connect to the internet?

Through a network bridge on another pc, I know this works because when I connect it to my laptop it works and the internet does not work on the ubuntu like cd either.

Best Regards

during the netinstall press ctrl+alt+F1 (F2, F3... whichever one will give you an sh console)
type ifconfig and copy the output here

at work now but ill let you know when I get back later tonight :)

I tried a different ethernet card and it worked, it must of been incompatible :)

Cheers for your help tho :)

I know what an OS apache is smooth and no crashes or slowdowns like with server 2003 but I must admit that server 2003 is alot better for the domain controller side you must admit but linux is a true os :)


BIND9 is the best domain controller.

win2003 DC is a directory server, and directories are much better with Lotus Domino

Microsoft domains arent actually Domains in the internet sense. MS domains are really directory based networks. A similar setup can be achieved with kerberos + NIS

For real domains, BIND rules