I am a newbee to web development.
I have used a "pre-built" web-page making program that has provided me with a great looking website, but there's a problem. The hosting company I'm using (lunarpages.com) runs a linux server. This pre-built webpage requires a windows server. Therefore, the site does not function at all (just displays the code when you view it on a browser). Does anyone know a quick fix for this? Again, I don't know much about code and whatnot. Sorry if this is a stupid question.

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I'm confused what you mean by it being a windows webpage. What web development language was it written in? ASP? ASP.NET?

The webpage that the builder produces for me consists mostly of .ASP files (and then images, a few FLASH images, etc.).
To be honest I'm not even sure what that means.

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You'll need to contact lunarpages about this.

Ask them if they can give you ASP .NET support for your Linux server that hosts your page. The program that provides this is called Mono...specifically Mono's XSP server and its dependencies. However, only lunarpages will be able to provide you with this because it is their host. If you were doing this from your own Linux host...I could step you through the process :)

Mono homepage

Thanks a lot man. I appreciate it very much.

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