i want to install ubuntu on my laptop how am i supposed to install a wireless usb so i can use the internet is there any suggestion because i dont think they are any drivers for a belkin stick in ubuntu
please let me know if you know a place or show me how to

bondi 007:)

It might work out of the box. Ubuntu is a livecd (try before installing) so you can see whether it detects the wifi dongle or not. If it doesnt then you should take a look at ndiswrapper and madwifi.

but how do i link up to a wireless network if it works and what is ndiswrapper and madwifi and if it doesnt work out of the box what do i do?

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if it works out of the box then it all depends on what version of ubuntu you have. If its version 7 or 6.10 then you should be able to click on the NetWorkMagager applet in the system tray (top right). It looks and acts kinda like wireless configuration does in windows xp sp2.

nidswrapper allows you to use windows wifi drivers in linux but its iffy.

could you show me how to use that wrapper summat and ive got 6.10 i think


bondi 007:)

so it doesnt work out of the box, then?

go system -> administration -> network and see if it is listed.

eth0 = ethernet (wired) network
lo0 = loopback interface (

is any other interface listed?

so whats etho and loo or summat and what is the one for wireless because mine says loo and ill try and fidle round with it and tell you what it is

bondi 007

lo0 = loopback device.

if that is the only one listed then it cannot detect any network cards :(

so is there any other possibilities if not is there any other distribution that are more capable that are free

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like i said, look into ndiswrapper but its a bit complicated

What is the exact Belkin type of your wireless usb device? If you don't know, run 'lsusb' and cut 'n paste the output.

it is my freinds he got it from pc world for about 15 quid and it is 802.11g