when i try to install ubuntu, which was downloaded from the its official web with the filename ubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386, i just can't go through the installation process. it always stopped at a scene with a background of something like a phoenix and does not move on anymore. since i'm new in linux, will someone tell me what to do with this problem, or is there something i must prepare for the installation? where can i find an introduction for new linux users?

I had a similar problem with an install of Ubuntu. I had found a message board that discussed the Burn Speed of the Image being the problem. I re-burned the Image file at a slow speed and the install worked.

Let's start with something simple. Did you burn the iso as a CD image, or as a file? If you don't know the answer to this, or the only file you can see when the CD is inserted in Windows is "ubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386.iso", you've burned it incorrectly. Your burning software should have the ability to burn CD images, so read the documentation first, then try again.

just comleted an install of ubuntu and it went flawlessley by using this guide:


and this version of ubuntu

ubuntu-8.04-alternate-i386.iso and the md5sum is 166991d61e7c79a452b604f0d25d07f9

burnt to cd with nero and checked the cd (an option as soon as you boot from it)

hope this helps