Hello there, I'm currently working on to some interface using gtk. I'm using PuTTY, doing programming remotely, cause I was told not to use the Linux server unit for surfing, so I'm using the windows unit for internet surfing and at the same time programming by the use of PuTTY. My problem is, I cannot load the GUI (of course in Linux) when I run it in the windows computer, but when I execute my program in the Linux computer, it runs well. It prompts a warning when I execute my application in Windows.

[dinglej@localhost gtk_practice]$ g++ my_cpp_ver.cpp -o my `pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-2.0`
[dinglej@localhost gtk_practice]$ ./my

(my:3974): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:

I'm just wondering because when I execute console based programs it runs pretty well, but when I load a GUI using my Windows unit, it does not function. Can anyone here, who is kind enough, to please explain to me why?
By the way, I'm using iMax to change my view between Windows and Linux. Thank you.

PuTTY is a remote command console for linux. It will not display graphics. If you want to have a graphical user interface of linux remotely, you should use NX Terminal Server or VNC server..

Bad luck you have windows on client. Otherwise you can just add -X parameter to ssh and here you go (on windows you have to install X server).