Okay, so I installed Fedora Core 5 on my second hard drive. During the installation when it asked me to set up GRUB I had the set up for FC5 and then there was another section for the drive which has Windows XP on it, so I changed the name from Other to Windows XP. Then the rest of the installation proceeded. After the installation was done it said reboot, which I did. When it rebooted no option came up to choose which operating system, and it automatically went into windows. So now I am stuck I have no clue what to do. I checked to see if the Hard Drive that I installed was still there and all that showed up in My Computer was the main hard drive with Windows on it, so I assumed everything on the FC part installed correctly.
If anyone has any information that would be great!

tried Suse and GRUB set up fine, must be something wrong with the version of FC5 that I have.

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