Okay, so I installed Fedora Core 5 on my second hard drive. During the installation when it asked me to set up GRUB I had the set up for FC5 and then there was another section for the drive which has Windows XP on it, so I changed the name from Other to Windows XP. Then the rest of the installation proceeded. After the installation was done it said reboot, which I did. When it rebooted no option came up to choose which operating system, and it automatically went into windows. So now I am stuck I have no clue what to do. I checked to see if the Hard Drive that I installed was still there and all that showed up in My Computer was the main hard drive with Windows on it, so I assumed everything on the FC part installed correctly.
If anyone has any information that would be great!

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tried Suse and GRUB set up fine, must be something wrong with the version of FC5 that I have.

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