Hey peoples, I have a little problem that i cant figure out on my own. Ive been running kubuntu with compiz effects basically all on and enjoy booting into linux every now and then for a little learning experience. Anyways i wanted to trry a new windows manager so i installed enlightenment. well, it was alright but kde was more my style so i logged out and when i changed my session type to kde it said that another windows manager was still running and asked me if i wanted to edit the file or some crap. so i just used the apt-get remove enlightenment command and rebooted. unfortunately when i logged back in my compiz had been turned off and i cant get effects back on.

ps - when im in the compiz settings it says everthing is still enabled.

so if anyone has experienced this problem or knows a solution please let me know.

Sorry guys, i figured out already.

what i needed to do is just run the
compiz --replace
command. and that worked.

Thanks, even if you only read the thread.

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