Hi all, hope i'm the right place,

My problem in short is i can't boot windows.

The long is i've been playing around with Ubuntu, i got annoyed with the innability to get my graphics card going so i decided to have a look at Suse 10.1 but in the middle of install i got cold feet:eek: so before supposedly any thing permanent took place i hit abort. Now i can't get into windows.

Error Message: Grub Loading stage 1.5, Grub Loading, please wait (indefinatly):rolleyes: Error 22.

If i choose to install Suse which i figure is my only option now i get concerned about the partioning choice (and i don't have enough knowledge to blow my nose out as far Linux goes):o

What happens if i (set the mount point of/dev/hda1to/windows/c )
will i lose windows?

Everything else is set to go on hdb which is where i wan't it.

!Please note i have 2 hardrives the second one is what i need to use!

And i am suffering from a recent hardrive wipe which i'm kinda happy about because i don't have all those crappy windows updates stuffing the way my system works (Yay my laser mouse works properly)

The answer is boot up with your XP install disk and choose recovery.

Choose the drive which you origionally installed Xp on.

Type admin password (not your Login Pass) in my case i left it blank.

This will bring up your C:/ directory.

Keep on hitting enter till you get to the C:/promt again and
type fixmbr hit enter.

This will warn you of lots of Dreaded things but it did fix my boot manager, without loosing all my precious work.

By no means am i experienced at this, it was a friend who guided me through the steps.

I just hope it will help someone else one day.

IF we all contribute what a wonderfull world it would be :mrgreen:

Usually a damaged Master Boot Record (which is where GRUB is installed) will cause an inability to boot Linux or Windows. Windows does not need the Master Boot Record, however, so wiping the MBR will quite often solve people's problems switching from Linux back to Windows. But remember, wiping the MBR means you can no longer boot back into Linux, or at least not until you reinstall GRUB/LILO.