Since I have updated to feisty, I have had problems with suspend and hibernation. (Actually, I think I have successfully used suspend and hibernation in feisty, it may have been a while). Whenever I select to hibernate or suspend, my screensaver comes on for an instant and then it goes straight to a log-in page (As if I had just returned from hibernation/suspend). The computer never actually turns off. I have searched the web for a solution, and I have tried several things such as using 'uswsusp', editing File: /etc/default/acpi-support, etc... I think there may be a problem with my nforce ethernet controller.. but I'm not sure.. If anyone could help me troubleshoot this problem, then it would be greatly appreciated. :)

I may not be of much help here, but I'll throw some suggestions your way. I'm not sure of the exact suspend tool that Ubuntu uses, so if it doesn't use suspend2, try it now. By running it in command line mode, you stand the chance that it will at least give you some feedback on what went wrong. Another thing you may want to try is checking your X logs for any error messages related to suspending/hibernating.

Sorry, but I've been a bit busy and all.. the kernel upgrade has been causing me some problems.. I'll see if I can get it done today, if not.. then I'll just have to hope the problem is resolved in the next ubuntu version. :-/

Well, good luck. If you have problems compiling the kernel, feel free to ask -- someone will be sure to help. And there's also a wealth of kernel compilation guides out there, written specifically for Ubuntu.

Upgrading might do the trick, too. If you're interested, try downloading the latest development version of Gutsy Gibbon, the next release of Ubuntu.

hah.. I actually did upgrade to Gutsy Gibbon.. but on accident. I upgraded the kernel, but forget to remove the Gutsy repositories.. The new kernel worked alright (was unfortunately still unable to execute suspend/hibernate properly). However, the new version of ubuntu installed rather badly.. left me with several unusable programs.. and many unstable ones. I was just about to completely reinstall ubuntu as no one seems to know how to downgrade a distro.. Anyone care to point me in the right direction?

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