hii everyone
I bought a new laptop and want to install both windows and suse.
But i'm not able to decide between xp and vista.
I would only use windows only if a certain work is simply not possible with suse (in a convenient way)
heard that vista consumes huge space .... right.(should i allow it only for my little usage of windows?)
At present i have only a dummy os on my laptop.

Could you suggest the process to install them (or please post a link which explains the same).

core2duo 1.83ghz
160gb hdd
2gb ram

Searching the internet I could find fair enough tutorials explaining how to do a dual boot.
But I am not able to get the answer to my question:which should i use xp or vista

I would say hands down xp for compatabilty issues.
Also do you have both operating system disc xp and your linux distro.
Do you need to do a fresh install of both the operating systems (don't forget to save all files and folders)
I at the moment have a dual partition pc with xp & g os installed on it
Thank you

Yeah its important to have all os media and keys before you begin and to have your data backed up

always install linux AFTER windows.

xp likes being on the first primary partition, vista isnt so funny but still likes being on a primary.

dont install xp after vista

Dual booting is fairly painless now, i got grub to chainload the vista loader which can call the XP loader