Hello IT and Moderators...
I consider myself as end-user..Please help me with my problem..
My windows vista OS is gone..Because I tried to change/downgrade my Windows Vista SP1 to Windows XP SP3... But when i tried boot my PC to the Bootable Disk of Win XP SP3, after the setup in booting from the cd..I got the error or usually called BSoD...
Here is the link of the error that I'm saying...
Is there anybody here knows what caused my computer always says...
"NTLDR is missing...Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to Restart you're Computer"

and how can I fix it..?

actually I tried some tricks..posted in some forums...but got no luck...

I downloaded the "Windows Vista x64 Recovery Disc.iso" and tried to boot my PC to that..but got no luck either.. I dont have any back-up with my Hardisk, i dont have any restore point and I dont know how to manipulate with the Command Prompt...

Please help me...
I'm tired on trial and error to fix my PC...

Thanks in advanced...^^

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Can anyone here can help me??
I'm tired on having trial and error...


It is so simple that NTLDR is getting back into your C: drive. You need just the bootable cd and click on the repair your operating system then you will see the command prompt so copy and Paste in your drive. In cd drive, It is in i386 folder. You just copy and paste it. Or you can use linux live cd to copy paste that ntldr file into C: drive. All the best.

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