Downgrading a preinstalled vista pc to xp is the worst thing you could ever do to a pc! A vista preinstalled pc includes all the drivers to run vista smoothly. If you downgrade, the brand's special features, quick launch buttons, and webcam/microphone won't work. Sound, video, networking, and bios will run at limited functionality, if you can even find the drivers, which can take weeks at best. So think, would it be worth the trouble to downgrade and lose a lot of features for a few applications and games? Also consider the fact that in a few years, updates and support will end for xp. Also, all new applications will be made just for or designed mainly for vista. If you downgrade, you're basically putting your self in an enclosed circle that can't open up very far. So its your choice, but microsoft, hp, dell, acer, compaq,asus,and all the other major pc makers as well as I recommend to stick with the preinstalled vista.

Don't give microsoft more cash than they need.

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My thoughts exactly! I'm bookmarking this thread. (It should be stickied :p)

Just some input here: this is especially true for laptops. Desktops are easier, and more possible, but the worst thing you can do to a laptop (other than dropping it) is to change its preinstalled OS unless its a dinosaur, in which case using Linux or something experimental is fine, as its probably junk anyways.

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Its not the worst thing you can do but certianly not the best. Some manufactures will provide both vista and xp drivers for thier machines even if vista is preloaded ..

however i am one for change and think that vista is the way forward a newer better operating system and the only reason that it may not be as stable or a quick as xp is becuase microsoft decided to provide legacy support to provide backwards compatability for xp instead of rewriting the o/s from scratch.

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