Hi all,
i'm new in linux environment and have a v. tough task. Please help me how to initiate it.
give me some expample scripts..
the prob def is :

* i am trying to write a full-screen utility, that displays the permissions of a directory and all the directories in the directory's path. it will also show other information about the directories, as the cursor is moved up and down the list of directory names.
* i'm also using a Windows telnet session, because that is how I will be testing the script. I use the Windows version of QVT/Term.

please tell me how to solve this prob..

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This sounds like a homework problem. I am not certain what you are trying to do is possible with scripts. Example scripts that come to mind include the linuxconfig utility, but I would bet that is a compiled program, not a script. Pine also does a lot of screen work in a text window, but am guessing that is compiled too.

You might want to Google search on scripting full-screen applications.



Hmm My first comment would be to download putty, Im pritty certain the windows console dosn't use escape sequences properly, Witch could help you a great deal.

you can use tput or escape chars for moving and storing the coursers possie

Example of escape char in bash

echo -n -e "\033[34m" ( changes the color to blue )

I would suggest using tput, personly (although I havnet used it, it will prolly be easyer and more practical)

Colours and Cursor movement with tput

List of escape chars


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