hi all
i m having one assigmnet. please help me in solving thati need to write one script for linux fedora core3. in wich i want to mount one file system to some place and then check that weather that partation is mounted or not now i have to select some specific files from that mounted partation and want to write it to DVD by first checking that weather that dvd is present in it or not. plz help me
dvd writer is /dev/sdc0
partation is to mounted is /home/backupuser
and to be maounted on /home/abc/Desktop/Backup
waithing for ur responce
i need scrtip for all this i want by just typing one commant it all happens.

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plz solve the problem

its urgent pls help me out in solving this assigment

i whould also like to know if this thing is possible
i think no one can do this

Like any programming Forums, this is a homework assignment, so the rules apply here.

Please show your work, what you have done so far, and we'll help troubleshoot what you've started on. It's imminently possible-- just keep in mind that all you do with scripts is start commands that already exist. That should be the only hint you need.

as i m new to scripting i dont know much about it
so pz help me

as i m new to scripting i dont know much about it
so pz help me

Just figure out what commands you want to use, in the order you need them run, and put them in a text file. There, you have your script.

I'm not trying to be rude, but that's all there is to it. Now, it's up to you to figure out what commands are needed. You didn't tell what you needed the script to do-- just write down step-by-step what you want to accomplish, and you'll have already hashed out what your script is going to look like.

i think
that its completed
thanks to all

hi all
when ever i try to write with this command
growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/scd0=/home/arpan/Desktop/backup/
its is giving me this error message

Executing 'builtin_dd if=/home/arpan/Desktop/backup/ of=/dev/scd0 obs=32k seek=0'
:-( write failed: Is a directory

my dvd is already formated
so plz help me out
i beg all

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