Ok, its like this. I was on the net and mcaffe told me it found fome virus like it should and it deleted it. I shutdown my computer for the night. in the morning i turned it back on and went to get on the internet to check e-mail and do a little homework, but there was no internet. Windows reports no errors with anything, my blitzz wireless adapter was installed correctly, but i reinstalled everything to see if that was it ... nope. My wireless adapter is working, it can find other computers and the blitzz wireless gateway, and it even says its connected to it but NO program can connect to the internet... I've plugged the ethernet line directly in and still nothing. my virus scann reports nothing, microsoft spyware reports nothing ...there are no system conflicts... its like the computer thinks it has the internet, wireless is sending the signal, but its just not working. also i have run diagnostics on my ethernet adapter---all's good there. I NEED this computer up for school ... thank you in advance.

- Shane

Closing thread-- you've already posted this question in another forum. Moreover, this thread was in the wrong forum, anyways.