I have a knoppix live CD for linux. Everytime I run it.. the previously saved files are gone. I mean.. the programs i do on CD are not saved.. why is it? And please can anyone tell me... if at all i can save my files by mounting or something?? Please help. And what is mounting? :o ( I'm just a beginner , i hope you can understand :o )

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You can't save your files, because as far as knoppix is concerned, your CD IS the hard drive. It already actually mounts the hard drive... so where are you trying to save the files to? If you look around, under the mnt folder... or a similar folder, you may find the hd1 or 2, or 0.... and try to save there (chances are slim, if your hard drive is running windows [that is NOT FAT]). If you are, however, running 2000 or XP on your hard drive (which, I'm guessing you are), then you might want to try to save the programs to a floppy drive. If you go to a prompt (either through the Xwindows interface.... umn, new xterm or something) and make sure you have privs to do so (might require root access), you can execute the mount command (make sure a floppy is in the drive):

mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy

Broken down, that says "I want you to take the disk that is in the floppy drive, and associate the directory (folder) /mnt/floppy with it." /dev/fd0 is device floppy drive 0 (the first one). Now, if the disk is formatted as a dos or window disk, you may have to tell it that it is so. You can do that with the -t flag

mount -t msdos /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy

You can (at a prompt) type in: man mount
and it will give you more information than you ever wanted to know about the mount command. Man is the command to load a "manual page" for the command or program in question. I'm not 100% sure that knoppix comes with man pages, so you might have to search the web for it instead. Also, it's fairly important to note, that the mount command doesn't just load floppies.... the mount command loads partitions and devices. So, I was actually able to get my USB drive (Scandisk) to mount in Red Hat Linux (not knoppix, so far). Anyway, I hope this has been of some help to you.

A sweet combo is good live cd and a usb drive. Any pc with a cdrom drive and a usb port can become YOUR pc until you reboot it and you can have your data wherever you go. It is a great option if you are mobile and want to use knoppix on more than one box.

Maybe someone who knows current knoppix can tell us if it will auto mount a usb drive on boot, if not does somebody have a good tutorial link for gettting started with knoppix?

I have used a 256 meg usb drive to store linux configuration files, mp3's, a set of pdf reference material, and a copy of my documents with a little room to spare.

You can save your files and your configuration in knoppix

Knoppix can run live and have what is called a persistent directory or folder on your system without having to dual boot or do anything different. I would advise against using an NTFS drive for your persistent directory.

You can also easily install Knoppix onto your hard drive...
I have 98se and XP and Knoppix all on the same syatem and all work just fine..
Well... Windows works as well as it ever did... :) (Linux Humor)

I will try to remember to check down here later but it would be better if you posted in linux help and not tutorials...


I don't know about knoppix, but I know that Red Hat 9 (and cooresponding Fedora Core) was able to load a USB drive (the little usb drives that hold like, 128, or 256 or whatever...that fit on a keychain) from a company called "scandisk". This USB drive loaded with no trouble at all with a simple:

mount -t msdos /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb

Again, I don't know if knoppix supports it, or has the driver for it. Something to look at is the lsusb command. Anyway, let me know what you figure out.

I will try to remember to check down here later but it would be better if you posted in linux help and not tutorials

Yes, i know.. i'm sorry. I realised it after i had posted this. And i didn't know how to move it from here..or delete it.

Ok, So to be specific...

I am using a copy of Knoppix 3.7

You can save changes you have made during your session to floppies, USB drive or other removeable media. You can use this ability to create a knoppix setup to take with you to any computer.

The basics...
Click on the Penguin on the task bar...
Click on Configure
Click on Create a Persistent Knoppix Home Directory

Follow the instructions and tell it where you want to create this directory


See the book Knoppix Hacks page 62

To install Knoppix on your hard drive...

Go to a terminal window

Do that by clicking on the black video monitor on the taskbar

Type sudo knoppix-installer

Follow directions on the menu or return here to ask more questions about partitioning drives and installation options...

Good Luck...

I personally dont care for the poor mans install.

I found the sudo knoppix-installer much easier to understand and to complete...

The first time around I went the poor mans...

After I found sudo knoppix-installer I use nothing else.

The Mepis installer is even nicer... and a great distro as well

I am particurlarly found of Knoppix because the kernel is so "Vanilla"

If I need to compile my own program I dont have a lot of patching to do...

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