With the help from people like you, I can, finally, put my virtual machine to run. Also, I've installed an Oracle 9i under Linux and the Discoverer tools on the virtual, under win2k. The schema is running fine and fast. Great!!!

My next step is to use it from outside my office and I have an ADSL 256Mb connection to do it.

But the problem begins wen I think in security question.

Actualy, My modem ADSL (speedstream) is modified to work as a router, and as a router they can do the NAT and Firewall functions to me. At this time, I have only the ports 80, 21 and few others open, also the most of services blocked too.

To use the databank from outside I'll need to open other ports and services.

Well, I'm a little affraid about how do that and came here to ask for your support again!

Have anybody clues to help me???

All contribution is absolutely welcome!

Mery Crhistimas,


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Knowing exactly what services and ports are involved would help us better assess the potential security issues.


Check out the manpage(s) for iptables, nat, and routing.

And yes, get nmap, or have a friend run a scan on your IP and let you know which services/daemons are visible from the outside. Locking them up should be your first priority before opening up any more holes...

Also, don't be afraid to buy books. The granddaddy of them all is "Building Internet Firewalls (Second Edition)" by O'Reilly.

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