it seems to be the activation issue. winXP loads up and after a minute it starts a cont down to shut down.

gives RPC error. how do i kill this. if it is activation how do i activate

as u can see this is a problem. i only get 50 seconds before this shut down. how do i kill this process? and kill it i want to do.

more microsoft lameness, but hey its the american way, right?

Try booting up in safe mode, and performing a system restore to before the problem started occuring.

on my system now, the system in question is a neighbor's.
you cant boot into safe mode or any other mode. i have tried disablesing the RPC, but it will not let me.
i was thinking of makeing a boot disk, however i need to disable that program, even if it means hacking the registry to bits and cutting it out, however that would take hours and i dont feel like doing that.

this is either a virus or more microsoft BS. even if it is activation it dont give enought time! who ever made this part of windows, if it is part of windows. should have their head cleaned oput with a shotgun.

No, this isn't a Windows Activation problem. If it was, it would not let you log in until the computer is activated. If the computer wasn't activated, then you would be prompted to activate. Also, you would be able to boot in safe mode regularly even if the computer is not activated.

Well, I think your easiest thing to do is reformat the sucker. It's useless in its current state, and reformatting is the quick and easiest answer.

Also, please don't bash Microsoft. I think they are a very reputable company and they make very good products. Just don't bash a company because their product isn't working for you. It's working for millions of other people. Additonatly, another program may have caused this problem.

well i am not bashing MS because of this but for other reasons. personaly i find their methods a bit over the top. and the fact they control almost all the desktop market, which is NEVER good for anyproduct. windowsXP has had too many problems i have seen across many systems and users. for basic use in is fine and i recomend it. hey no software is perfect, have my beef with linux too. anyways many types of errors and practices i see done by companies are really underhanded that prevent any choice into OS by a customer. like dell and some laptops they have

this error is a rather nasty bug if not the activation. the woman useing the system is a basic user, as basic as u can get.
recently i have been either useing windows2000, which is great or linux. installed linux on a new user's system for security and to keep the kids from destroying the system (haha they dont got root abilities). she is a very new user and has loved it. she didnt want win2000, which was a surprise.

if this is not activation what could it be??? that way i know what to do when i do reinstall, which if i do it will be windows2000 or a pure windowsXP, not a restore disk

So, ya see... not a Microsoft issue.

I think your attitude twords Windows XP isn't justified. If disable all the themes and stuff in Windows XP, what do you get? Windows 2000.

There are several key improvements in Windows XP compared to Windows 2000 that you will never need to know about. For starters, theres a bigger memory buffer between applications - making the system much more stable. Secondly, there have been many shell and kernel impovements. Finally, I feel that Windows XP with no themes runs faster then Windows 2000.

To illustrate my example, I'll talk about the computer thats in my room. I had an old (AMD K6-2 350 mhz, with 128mb of ram) computer laying around, and I decided to put it in my room. I first installed Windows 2000, thinking it would be nice and fast. To my suprise, it reacted slow, and wasn't giving me the experience I wanted. Next, I installed Windows 98. Windows 98 was faster (because of the smaller kernel size) but I was so acustomed to the many improvements in the NT side that I couldn't keep 98 on my desktop. Just about at that time, I aquired a bluetooth mouse - one that only was compatable with Windows XP. So I figured I would throw XP on that machine and give it a shot. Right after the clean install, I went into the system settings and shut off all of those advanced xp features (like the sidebar in "My Computer" and Visual Styles). To my suprise, it was faster then Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 98 SE - and more stable and secure.

Just because you crash a few times in XP doesn't mean it sucks. Try running the same stuff Windows 95 and crashing much more often. I doubt you will cry about the little impurities in an operating system that is so superior (like, Windows XP).

I have attached a copy of the error message on my friend's computer.
It happens approximately 2-3 min after connecting to the internet during 3/3 times tried and didn't happen during 2/2 times not connected. Is this the virus?
This is a clean install of Windows XP as of today cause the same thing was happening a couple days ago. However, he does have another hard drive that was not formatted (used it to store backups on).
Any help would be apprecieated.


That is an error caused by the W32.Blaster.worm

See [thread=820] here [/thread] for solution! :surprised

Your right that is a virus. If you go online and look for MSBlaster in any anti-virus website it will give you a download to kill it and remove it. I have a patch for it but I can't get it to you all. Sorry. If you e-mail me at and put MSBlaster as Subject I will get it to you all.

You got the blaster virus or one of the variants. The only wasy really to get rid of it is back up what you need to keep and run a debug script on the HDD. The Blaster worm is memory-resident and it will keep coming back again and again.

No it won't if you get a patch. I have the patch installed and my computer hasn't gotten it since

If you didn't disable system restor when you removed it and installed the patch ,the next time you do a system restore it will return!

Also, when you see this message, go start - run- type "shutdown -a" - enter, and this will stop your computer from shutting down within the 1min timer, giving you enough time to apply the patch and remove the virus.

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