Hi there,
Just wondering if anyone can answer some basic Q's for me.

I have several domains set up in DNS (using Redhad 9) all with specific IP's for each. How do I set pointers for the domains to all go to one specific domain?

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

NMSportster, i think that many of us will need to get a better idea what you are trying to do before we can help.
if you want all the different domains to go to the same IP address, then simply put the same IP address in all the different domain records.
is this your question?

If your looking to point more then one domain to the same domain, double check with your host that you are allowed to do this first off, then you will have to add the domains in your control panel, so the hosts server will know where to send the requests to.. then just change the DNS info of each domain.

Login to your domain's control panel and under the "Forwarding" section, enter the domain you want that domain to redirect to.

In other words, if you want www.mydomain.com to be redirected to www.mydomain.net, then enter www.mydomain.net in the "Forwards" section and wait for DNS to propogate.

I have this setup for a bunch of my domains, and it's a piece of cake.

heh, the trickier part seems to be getting a domain parked, then forwarding the requests for that parked domain to your home computer server. =P
did that yesterday, ALL day.

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