I know that we as Linux users believe in choice but come on! How in the world does someone who wants to move away from a "closed source" system figure it out. If you type in the word "Linux" in any search engine you will come up with nearly a half million websites which reference the word alone. If you add "distribution" to it you still get over 2.5 million websites. That is enough to scare someone away because there are too many choices.

Is there any way that the Linux community could pare it down a bit? Or at least offer some website which would clear up the muddy water and help regular people find an alternative desktop. I am not trying to belittle any distribution, I have tried my fair share of them. All of the ones listed in the tag line I have tried at one time or another and a few that I didn't put in there too (with the exception of Slack, I haven't gotten to it yet).

I mainly wanted to throw this out as a thought just to see what would come of it, if anything. I hope it will get a lively discussion going and maybe we will come up with a way of promoting our favorite operating system regardless of the flavor.