i have Linux knoppix 5.0 on CD, but not installed on my hdd. I'm not sure how my wireless card would work with my pc, but then again, i haven't really tried.

I'm running the Linux platform from the CD itself, but I don't know if removing the Linux CD to insert the driver CD for the wireless card will affect the knoppix desktop.

How can I install Linux to my hard drive permanently, so that I can subsequently install the drivers I need for things like a wireless card, an external CD/DVD-RW, and so on?


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I'll try that... and I had no intention of "hijacking" another person's thread. It's just that my situation seemed similar to this and just wanted some pointers, that's all. Sorry to inconvenience anyone.


hey man, linux is nice. knoppix is one of the bests debian based...look,,, dont tell me what distro our friend need to use... each of us must be do this choice ok?!
man.. you can download the knoppix DVD version,,, the new version is better because is updated. You can view the link on the distro watch website. Best regards.
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