I have installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my Comapq presarion v4000. it was running smooth and it was my first time to use it. until i down loaded the partial upgrade when the download is over i could not restart my notebook i have tried to get help but could not.
the screen is black with a long list the first saying.
Satatus: Unkown job: usplash.
mounting local filesystems (OK)
activating swapfile swab (ok)
then two lines of : satatus unkown job:
Starting AppArmor .......
Mounting securitysfs on /sys/ kernel/ security (Ok )
few lines of the same fist line Satuts unknown job: usplash
Configuring network interfaces ( fail )another 8 lines of
Satus : Unknown job: usplash
the last line .
init: rc-default main process (1276) tewrminated with status 127.
I have some data don,t want to loose .
I am very new to this OS.
I appricated very much if any one can help me with this problem.

With my regards to all .

Tony753 e-mail: happy384@gmail.com

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First get the data. Use a live cd to boot and then get your data before you do any thing. I've had great results during an upgrade but a good back up is the best plan. When you do set up the system they way you want use clonezillia to make an image or mondorescue. Once you have your data I would not bother troubleshooting just install the distro you want.

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