I've been seaching and googling for an answer that I just can't find. I have a vps account with no nameserver and have been told I need to make the nameserver myself. Does anybody know of any good tutorials or could explain how to setup the nameservers. I have already added all of my ip addresses to my account cpanel/whm but am struggling with this nameserver problem. I have tried going to the "basic cpanel/whm setup" panel then click assign ip address but that just leads me to a screen with a loading bar which stays there for at least hours and had to cancel it since it seemed like an infinit loop.
So please, can anybody guide me to how to setup a nameserver without registering or paying for a new domain.

Control panel: cpanel/whm
Operating System: CentOS

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I am having the same issue - was a resolution ever found?

First welcome to daniweb as I see it's your first post. Also it is best to not bump old topics or solved topics. Also as for my solution to this problem, I paid support to setup the nameservers for me. At the same time you can pay support to setup any php extensions you want added to your vps if such a service is available for you. That is what I did.

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