I have a small server that I would like to install Slackware Linux on but am not sure whether the 10.1 would support the hardware I have.
dual Opteron 240 AMD processors
Tyan S2880 K8S motherboard
1 gb ddr ram
Adaptec Ultra 320 SCSI controller
2 30gb maxtor scsi drives (raid 0)
I've been searching the slackware sites to get information on support but have not found anything on support for the Opteron dual processors. I have also sent an email to Slackware but haven't received any answers. I was wondering of anyone on this forum could help me out.

Strangely enough I built a very similar server for the company I use to work for.

I did install Slackware 9.1, IIRC. Actually, I installed Slackware because I was having problem getting the RAID Array to boot under Win2K3. But unfortunately, it still wouldn't boot using Slack. I did get it to install on a 60GB drive that I stuck on the Onboard IDE Controller. It worked fine, but the company was looking for Winblowz Solution. Oh well.

BTW, the problem was with the RAID Controller. I believe that it didn't have a bootable BIOS. Company cheaped out on the RAID Controller after buying SATA drives for RAID 1, 1GB of RAM, dual Operton board, and dual 144 Opties to match. In case it sounds like low end stuff, it was a small business and this was in mid to late 2002.