I have a toaster system that does one thing. I'm looking to provide some network troubleshooting ability to the extremely stripped Linux OS by providing the 'dig' command. However, it appears that 'dig' is only available via the 'bind' package.

My questions is: has anyone ever successfully buildt a dig binary without all of the 'bind' cruft? Is this even possible?

I don't want a DNS server, I just want the ability to perform some simple 'dig' lookups.

Any thoughts?

Hi Hummdis,
Yes it can be done.
Assuming that you have an environment where you can compile specific to your extremely stripped LINUX OS, you can follow the instructions provided in the link - compiling bind utilities.
I have done this before and it works :)
Use the version that suits your environment.

Thanks abhisek!

I have a dev system that contains all of the compilation packages. The things are compiled and tested there before it's moved to the production server.

I just wanted to make sure this is possible before I embark on a three-hour-tour to find that it can't be done.