I installed DHCPD 3.0 on my server running Ubuntu Server, but I don't know how to configure it properly. When I configure dhcpd.conf to use a sample subnet, dhcpd gives me an error about not being set to listen on eth1.

The server has four ethernet ports, eth0 is connected to an external gateway (internet etc..) running at my company, eth1 is connected to a 16-port switch which is in turn connected to computers running Ubuntu, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

What I want to do is:

1. Have the server connected to the company network.

2. Have the server run it's own little LAN on the eight computers that are connected to my switch.

3. Have the computers on the LAN have access to the internet via the server, and to the computers on their own LAN.

If someone could help me set this up, it would be greatly appreciated.

have you tried reading the manuals or googling, before posting?

Yes, I haven't found any answers to my problem. I'm not saying there aren't any on google, it might just be me terrible at finding stuff on google.

EDIT: Actually, I didn't find very much good info about DHCP on google at all.