Hi............i am using server 2003. it does not have active directory, just dns server.

i have a primary zone under forward lookup named '' technical ''.
added some users under technical zone.

taken backup using the command : dnscmd /zoneexport technical backup\technical.dns.bak

it has created a file named '' technical.dns.bak '' under windows/system32/dns/backup.

now I have deleted the zone technical. How can I restore technical with previous settings..............shakil

or any step recommended for future dns backup and restore(only dns backup not system state data)

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We have the same problem. I also transfer my web hosting but different DNS. I tried to back up my data after I deleted the original but I can't able to restore it.. Need for help..thanks


Hey I solved it.

To restore it:-

1 .from cmd--> dnscmd /zoneadd raj.com /primary /file technical.dns.bak /load [Note that the backup file needs to reside in the %systemroot%\system32\dns folder for it to be properly discovered. Use the /load switch to tell the command to load the configuration from the existing file.
so cut and paste .bak file from %systemroot%\system32\dns\backup file to %systemroot%\system32\dns folder.

To backup a reverse zone file :-
want to backup network

1. from cmd--> dnscmd /zoneexport 44.49.123.in-addr.arpa backup\44.49.123.in-addr.arpa.dns.bak [file will be created under system32\dns\backup].

2 .to restore same as cut and paste the .bak file under system32\dns\

give now from cmd--> dnscmd /zoneadd 44.49.123.in-addr.arpa /primary /file 44.49.123.in-addr.arpa.dns.bak /load

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