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Ooh, it's in the city. I would go except I have to work. And besides, my new G5 turned me more into a mac fan ;)


its a beautiful thing. shouldnt you be installing yellowdog on that ppc g5?


The gentoo booth. Some distros were there. RH being one, gentoo being another. I didnt see, slack suse debian or mandrake.
gentoo running on an athlon fx
get the facts from MS about linux. tomorrow at 10:30
The Microsoft and Real exhibits. both empty for the time I was there
Mysql... this is the first year I have seen a display for mysql
Oracle and its cool geodesic dome
Orielly had a nice display as usual. With 25 percent off all of their books and free t-shirts who can beat it.

The RH Porsche. Some lucky .com exec will probably win that thing
The Sun exhibit is cool as usual. Too bad I couldnt find where they were giving out copies of solaris for x86


I'll be there tomorrow and Friday. Would've been there today, but I had a client who had "issues."

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