What can I type to find out the total amount of space on a partition and how much free space is left?

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I would log on to a *nix box but I cant log on to daniweb from there.

but if I remeber it right its



man du

Nope, turns out that gives disk usage on a per file basis, not for an entire partition. :(

There's a program I'm looking for - can't remember its name - but it gives the size of each partition, along with the amount of available space per partition ... all in a tabular format. Sorta like free only for hdd instead of RAM.

RH 7.3 .... I haven't checked anywhere yet. Just wanted to check my available free space to make sure I wasn't running out and decided to post first.

Ok, here it is man this

man df

then use whatever switch you want like -k ect...

df -k

In a terminal and not a run box ofcourse.

I like

df -h

:) Exactly what I wanted!

Even better is

df -Th

cuz it tells you the filesytem format as well (i.e. ext3)

commented: try free or openBDS the installs are 10 minutes max +29

Ok, whatever switch gets your jollies off.
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