I recently uninstalled python 2.6 from my Ubuntu, unbeknown to me at the time, the gnome desktop is reliant on python 2.6. Ubuntu then crashed and now will only load up in Kubuntu KDE. Kubuntu will not let me switch back to Ubuntu gnome, it's not an option. So from Kubuntu I am as I am writting this downloading from the Synaptic package Manager "Ubuntu-Desktop". It's only tacking about 5 minutes an consist of around 80 files. Am I downloading the right package(s), it just seemed a little small to me?

One more thing, assuming that this works, what happened to all the other files and packages that went to gnome, are they still sitting in my computer taking up space not being used? Thanks for any and all replies.

Unfortunately, the easiest way is probably to reinstall Ubuntu. Everything in Ubuntu is integrated with Gnome. Basically you are missing most of the OS now.

You could try looking in Synaptic Package Manager for Gnome Desktop Environment under patterns, I think, and try reinstalling Gnome. However, other things might be broken because of things you removed.

I think most of the Gnome stuff is still on your PC. Synaptic is probably just downloading and installing a few packages that you got rid of (like the python 2.6 related packages) and re-installing the Gnome desktop.

As I mentioned in your other thread. Once the re-install is complete, you should be able to reboot your computer and then change your default session to Gnome from the login screen.
Fingers crossed that should have fixed it.

If not, then you'll need to back-up whatever personal stuff you've got on your PC and any other files for customisations you might have made before doing a full re-install.