Popular memory leak detection tool like valgrind ,etc is simply crashing in our customized linux environment (montavista hardhat ,etc) , is there any other good memory leak detection tool which can be used on the target but which does not consume so much RAM like valgrind ?

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Take a look at these two articles which both provide details about the available programs/libraries for detecting memory leaks in *nix:

Other than Valgrind, it lists several tools/libraries.....

For programs compiled in C:

For C++ programs:

Valgrind seems to work fine for me (EDIT: But then I'm not using it for embedded stuff!). As a consequence, I've not really used any of the others, so I can't make any solid recommendations.

I guess your best course of action would be to read the articles and try a few of the listed programs/libraries out and see what works best for you!

Cheers for now,

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I hv been using MPatrol for quite a long time for both memory profiling as well as my development activity.
It's the best one for embedded linux till date. It is having far more options and interesting results than Valgrind or any other in the open source.
Only thing is that, here u need to compile the application using MPatrol libraries for profiling it. I hv also ported the libraries to many of my target environments for embedded processor boards.

Check it out...
Cheers :icon_smile:

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