Dear All!

I have a nix machine at home that is connected to the the Internet via adsl. Now i am adding another Internet connection (Fiber optic). How can i do load balancing between these two connections??

( by load balancing i mean that i would like to utilize the available bandwidth to the maximum. I also have a collection of softwares that are very bandwidth hungry and also require a certain level of minimum bandwidth for example my HD video conferencing software requires at least 10Mbps.

Any idea or suggestion will be very helpful. I am using Ubuntu 9.04.

Thank you very much

PS: my "arrogant" class mate told me that this can be done using iptables but i have no clue about them. Is he correct ????

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Thanks for reply!
I have checked the website and found very good documentation. I am googling for nice tutorial on ip tables and traffic shaping. Any suggestions or links ? ? ?

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