A Bright Future for MySQL?

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MySQL users listened intently Tuesday, April 13 at O'Reilly's MySQL Conference to Edward Screven, Oracle's chief corporate architect, while he announced Oracle's grand plan for MySQL. What they heard was that Oracle is interested in MySQL, will invest in it and nothing should change for the community version of MySQL. In essence, Oracle will continue on the same path with the commercial and community versions of MySQL just as MySQL AB and Sun did.

Uh huh. And I have some lovely beach front property in Arizona that I'd love to sell you.

It isn't that I don't believe that Oracle will continue to support the MySQL Community version, it's that I don't think they'll continue to support it at the same level as they do the commercial version. The Oracle database doesn't need community support so why should MySQL?

If you love MySQL but also don't trust what's going on with it and it's still uncertain future, try MariaDB or Drizzle.

MariaDB is Monty Widenius' forked MySQL database product. Drizzle, like MariaDB, is a forked MySQL database and the developers are former MySQL employees. Widenius was the founder of MySQL AB.

The fallout from Oracle's purchase and continued support of MySQL is this: If you want to continue to use MySQL, you'll pay Oracle for the privilege.

I just have the feeling that the privilege isn't going to be worth the price or hassle from Oracle.

What do you think of the announcement and Oracle's ownership of MySQL?