Could anyone point me to a good C++ compiler for Ubuntu, other than Mono. Note that I was using Visual C++ 6. thanks.

Mono?? C++ compiler no.

Your answer is g++.

Do a sudo apt-get install g++.

As iamthwee has said, you need to install g++ to be able to compile C++ on *nix.

But if it's a C++ IDE you're after, then Code::Blocks is probably the best on *nix. Anjuta is another of the commonly used *nix C++ IDE's.

In both cases you'll still need to ensure that you've got g++ installed as both ide's are basically graphical frontends for gcc/g++!

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If this isn't enough you could always try Eclipse (you'll still be using g++, but at least with a nice and shiny IDE)

use fedora have many pack in DVD format eclipse,kdevelop etc. and is good for beginers

If this isn't enough you could always try Eclipse (you'll still be using g++, but at least with a nice and shiny IDE)

Thanks, but I looked up Eclipse using the Synaptic Package Manager and all I found was a Java?

hy eclipse use java platform to emulate other language in this way them can run on many operating sys.. eclipse start as java ide

Personally I find Eclipse a bit slow and bloated on *nix. But that might be down to my crappy hardware more than anything else!

My IDE of choice for C++ on *nix is Code::Blocks. It's relatively small, it's fast, it looks and behaves similarly to Visual Studio and it integrates and works really well with the native *nix compilers (gcc, g++, nasm etc). Code::Blocks also ships with C/C++ project templates for several popular graphics/GUI libraries (wxWidgets, QT, OpenGL, OGRE, GTK etc), which can help to get new projects up and running quickly with a mininmum of fuss.

Incidentally, if you're interested in developing applications using C++ and wxWidgets, then the 'codeblocks-contrib' package is another must-have for Code::Blocks as it includes the wxSmith plugin, which can aid rapid application development with wxWidgets.

The wxSmith plugin extends Code::Blocks allowing you to visually/graphically place wxWidget controls on dialogs and windows. The plugin then auto-generates C++ code in your project in a very similar way to Visual Studio. If you've ever done any MFC development in Visual Studio on Windows; you'll find that using wxSmith with Code::Blocks is very similar!

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ty JasonHippy and i will try Code::Blocks