I can't get 3D support going on SuSE 10.1. I dowloaded the latest driver from nvidia and tried running it, and it said it couldn't run because of xserver (that's my first problem). The second problem, which is related to the first I think, is when I go into Sax the checkbox for 3D support is disabled.
If anyone knows how to fix this it would be great, thanks.

they have article at http://www.linux-forums.org

How about actually giving him the page instead of directing him to Linux forums?

Complaining about an Xserver? Are you running X11? (if you're running KDE or Gnome, you're running X11.) If that's not the problem, how about restarting the X server, or running it from the command line (try startx). If that still doesn't work, maybe it doesn't want the Xserver. Get to root, and run "/sbin/init 3". Then try from the command line.

The 3D support checkbox will be disabled without the driver. Get that installed, and it should work fine.

How about actually giving him the page instead of directing him to Linux forums?

How about you just stop.

How about you just stop.

joeprogrammer's comment was actually a constructive comment, nothing more (or less).

It's most useful to give direct linkage to a solution when possible (assuming you have that link, of course), rather than asking the member you're helping to search an entire site.


How about actually giving him the page instead of directing him to Linux forums?

I believe the thread that was referred to (since it wasn't actually ever linked;)) is this one.

While this deals with redhat (Centos, RHEL, Fedora) releases, primarily, it is not unheard of for this type of article to affect individuals on a global (mass release) scale. Since Suse utilizes the rpm packaging system, and (most likely) many of the same redhat packages, it's entirely possible that this would affect a Suse user as well.

When dealing with 3d Acceleration, hardware graphics and the like, it's important to keep in mind that the vendor will rarely (if ever) make a release specific to Linux, and if they do, then it's going to be a blanket release, not covering various distributions, os styles (x64, 2.6 kernel, etc), and it will most likely cause issues.

IIRC, Suse has always maintained an NVidia driver release. This is the best way to handle this. In YAST (somewhere, I don't recall the exact location, sorry), there is an option to update software, and in there, you can update your GFX driver to their NVidia releases.

It's always important to stay with what your OS supplier says works with their systems. I mean, who knows better than them what will, or will not work for their stuff :)

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