At present I am using kubuntu, which I really do like for updated packages and also the speed of updating the OS. I used to use gentoo but because of compile times (it was a very nice setup) but just the compile times..

I was wondering what was the main setup on peoples linux PC's ? and why ?

I did try out fedora, and kubuntu at the same time and kubuntu won the battle as such.

Ubuntu + gnone, simply because it's tried and tested and not too bloated.

I'm with iamthwee on this. I primarily use Ubuntu and Gnome.
I also have an older laptop with Xubuntu on it (Ubuntu & Xfce).

I've tried a lot of other distros on my PC's, but I always seem to come back to the Ubuntu/Debian variants.

The Ubuntu/Debian-based distros have enough features to allow me to just be able to get on with things. The install process is quick, simple and versatile (you can run a liveCD, do a traditional install or install the liveCD onto a USB stick with persistent storage for personal files etc.), package management is a doddle, installing and uninstalling software is a breeze. I am just more productive using Ubuntu. After installing the OS, I just need to download a few extra packages and I can hit the ground running!

Also with regard to the desktop managers, the Gnome and Xfce desktops are really simple to customise and use. They are also comparatively lightweight (especially Xfce).

Personally, I've always found the KDE desktop to be a little counter-intuitive, it also seems slow and bloated and customising the look and feel can be a real ball-ache as there are so many needlessly complicated configuration options.

So for me it's Ubuntu/Debian and either the Gnome or the Xfce desktops!

Cheers for now,

would have to agree that debian based systems do have allot of features, allot more than what I need for my development requirements.