i have never used a dedicated linux server, however i am going to be switching one of our sites from shared hosting to a dedicated server due to traffic etc.

the host is giving cpanel which i just wanted to check with you guys if this is fine to contiune to use?

the main questions are aimed at opnenssl at they are:

i am interested in using openssl to encrypt data on the site.

how simple is this to setup? has anyone done this and happy to point me to some good documentation?

will it cover unlimited sub domains? i.e. https://subdomain.maindomain.com

really just looking for some good info on using openssl as a way of encrypting the site.

many thanks

It is pretty easy to manage cPanel server since tons of documentation are available out there which can help you out with configuration of your server from scratch. You can participate in cPanel forum community located at forums.cpanel.net. Apart from that you can hire any experienced system admin who can configure your server and teach you.

I wouldn't exactly call cPanel servers easy to manage. cPanel certainly does make managing simple tasks easier, such as creating email accounts, ftp accounts, accessing the file manager, and built in statistics.There is a bit of work that goes into properly securing and optimizing a dedicated cpanel server.

Andy, I'm taking a quick look around to see if I can find a good guide for what you need. You may want to consider finding yourself some server management services. Check out the cPanel forums for some good options.

thanks for the info guys.

to be honest it is for 1 client site and i have used in the past. only questions really are how to do check virus scans etc.

with windows server i can remote desktop in check firewall, logs and scan for viruses but never done this with linux.

also re openssl i need to encrypt and noticed this is free, i know it is self signed certificates but it is for a company portal so that wont matter.

will it cover all sub domains with open ssl and has anyone configured in the past?

i have done self signed certificates for OWA with windows but this is totally new to me to be honest.

thanks again

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