I'm having an issue in figuring out how to connect to the website in question. This is just a copy of the original site that is being hosted on a VM on one of our servers. This is merely a development server to test the changes to the website. It's currently in the DMZ and I can connect to it via SSH.

How would I go about viewing the site on that VM? The address I use to SSH into it is, wouldn't I just through that up into a browser on the LAN and it should load up? Or am I going about this in the wrong way? I'm fairly new to web development and what I've done hasn't been like this lol.

If any other information is needed let me know and thanks for the help/info! :)


You need to make sure that Apache is running on the server first. If it is configured then putting the IP address in a browser should take you to the default site for the server. If you get the Apache logo page then the service is running and you need to set a default site in httpd.conf. If you get no response then Apache is not running.