Has anyone sucessfully installed SUSE or another full distro to a removeable drive? I have a bootable 1GB flash drive with Knoppix 5.1.1, however it is not persistant, nor does not include all the features of a full distro.

I have a 40GB 2.5" drive that would be perfect for a "portable" linux. I think that I could get it to work on 1 machine but if I moved it to another machine I think the hardware detection would freak out.

Other than Knoppix and Ubuntu are there other more featured distros under 1GB? I heard there is a live Gentoo?...

Another thought is to stick with live versions and use lilo or grub to boot 5 different distros from one drive(40gb=20GB data+4gbx5distro).

Sidux can be installed to USB HDD, dont know about a flash key. Works off of my USB enclosure fine (350gn sata)

I have a ubuntu install on an external harddrive, so I guess it would work...

where can i get linux that can be installed in usb drive