Like your thoughts. Totally flameable, but worth thinking about.

Yeah, sure! Flaming, not reasoning, is a fundamental trait of all Linux'ers.

I am using Ubuntu Lucid Lynx. It is a Lexmark P3100 all in one printer. The printer works fine its just the scanner that doesn't work. I use Xsane and Simple Scan but hang even on preview. Have try several forum including Ubuntu Forum but no help. You can find me in Ubuntu Forum with the same name. Feel like ditching the Lexmark. Anyway thanks for your reply.

Try the Link below. Lexmark seems to be stubborn form many forum topics

ckoy does have a point. if it is more possible to sell close source software for nix then more companies would write apps for it. business exist only to make money and it is still more profitable to sell software licenses than sell support.

and no i am not a windows fan. at work i use windows but my personal pc uses linux. i am planning on buying a few more pcs and put freebsd and debian on them. i say this so no one can accuse me of being a microsoft monkey. i am just pointing out that business needs incentive to move to a decision.

I, like some othe linux users have use for software that is not written natively for linux. For example, Scorch music files. Wine allows me to run this software without the need to run Windows on any of my computers. It pays to remain open and support those that are working hard on improving emulation software for the benefit of all who chose to use linux as their operating system.

I think people are coming from all sectors appreciating Linux's uniqueness. Almost every software developer has a version of Linux software. Or at least there is WINE, to get it done. I am recently using a brand new IDE named JCppEdit, which is less popular because it is new in the market. And I was surprised to see that you can run it on Linux too! I found it interesting. People know an OS is the choice of your lifetime. But the applications, are not.

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