I am new to the whole linux system. I am however having a couple of problems. Here it goes...I am using the latest ubuntu distro (intrepid 8.10) and have been trying to watch streaming videos. Some of them show up and others do not. Usually those that work are from YouTube and Google Video. Those that do not work are from MegaVideo and Veoh. The MegaVideo and Veoh videos stream the audio just fine, but the video does not show up. So, I tried installing wine. The installation of wine went just fine, but when I load it, the characters (i.e. any letters) do not show up. So, any suggestions??

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For the videos, maybe the problem is shockwave plugin. There is no plugin for linux.
An open alternative: http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/
but don't work in some cases.

About the wine problem I need some info. Maybe you have some old package or have it misconfigured.

I have the latest, intrepid. But I will try your suggestion. Thanks.

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