I just updated Ubuntu to Lucid Lynx and also got an OpenOffice update: it's now 3.2. When I started it, the progressbar flashes to 100% in a second or two but to get from there to the actual program takes about two minutes. When I "top", I see that Java is using 100% CPU. I have a Core2 Duo with 4 GB. The previous Openoffice ran nice and fast.
Does anyone else have problem with the new Openoffice, or is it just me?

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Use geany. its in the repository, sudo apt-get install geany.

Comes in handy. also try gedit.

Explore :)

You can't compare geany or gedit to the word processor of OpenOffice. I want to open/write Microsoft doc/docx types which can't be done with a simple program like gedit.
With the last update of Lucid Lynx this problem has disappeared for me, so I'll mark the thread as solved for now, although I would still like to know if other people have experienced the same problems..

geany also compatible with doc/docx types.

That is why we love linux, there is always an alternative.



Go to Options Openoffice.org and then java then uncheck the box " Use a Java Runtime Environment" It speeds up Quite a bit
Also if you don't mind spending some of your ram you can enable quickstarter from the memory option it will fire up OOo it 1-2 Seconds!

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